Monday, July 23, 2007

Be Filled With the Spirit

We continued our look at the book of Ephesians entitled The Church: United Body of Christ, as we look at one of my favorite scriptures in the bible chapter 5:18-21, where we looked at what it means to be filled with the Spirit. We as members of the body of Christ have perfected how to dress like church members, talk like dress members but we have not mastered the ability to be filled with the Spirit. This phrase be filled with the spirit in the original language of the text is in the perfect imperative which suggests that we are to be constantly filled with the spirit. Day by day we are to ask the Lord to fill us because nobody is filled with the spirit all of the time. Here is my sermon outline. I hope it will be a blessing to you as it was to our church:

Thesis: being filled with the spirit is essential of every child of God who has a desire to walk with God

I. Speaking to Other Believers - v. 19a

a. Psalms - written songs of the Old Testament
b. Hymns - written expressions of joy for the coming Messiah of New Testament
c. Spiritual Songs - songs inspired by the spirit; songs of testimony

II. Singing to the Lord - v. 19b

a. singing - gift of vocal expression
b. making melody - gift of instrumental expression

III. Show an Appreciation to the Lord - v. 20

a. When should we be thankful - always
b. What should we be thankful for - everything
c. Whom should we be thankful to - God the Father
d. How Should we be thankful - in the name of Jesus Christ

IV. Submission to One Another - v. 21

Monday, July 16, 2007

Flipping the Switch

We continued our series on the book of Ephesians with chapter 5:8-14. This phrase continues Paul's lessons to the Jews and Gentiles regarding their unity in the church by walking in the light as opposed to walking in darkness. The truth of the matter is that this war is still being raged inside the modern day church. For all of us have an issue with the conflict in our existence of whether we as Children of God would walk in the light or continue in the darkness of this world. Here is the sermon outline for this message:

Thesis: in order to be a great church for the Lord, we must be willing to walk in the light and not in the darkness

I. Fruit of Our Walk in the Light - v. 9

a. fruit of goodness - v. 9a
b. fruit of righteousness - v. 9b
c. fruit of truthfulness - v. 9c

II. Fellowship of Our Walk in the Light - vs. 10-13

a. fellowship in separation - v. 11
b. fellowship in silence - v. 12
c. fellowship in shining - v. 13

III. Future of Our Walk in the Light - v. 14

a. notice the people addressed - v. 14a
b. notice the plea announced - v. 14b
c. notice the promise assured - v. 14c

Monday, July 9, 2007

Walking Like God

We continued our biblical exposition on the book of Ephesians with our look at chapter 5:1-7. There are many types of walks in our society, race walkers, those who walk for sport...power walkers, those who get up early in the morning and go to their local park in an attempt to lose weight. Those types of walks may be good for a man's physical condition, but they will not help the condition of a man's spirituality. But there is another type of walk, that if done properly, will ensure that a man will live a glorious life both in this world and in the world to come.

Sermon Outline

Thesis: every church should be identified by their desire to walk just like God

I. Direction of Your Walk

-verse 1

II. Definition of Your Walk

-verse 2

III. Description of Your Walk

-verses 3-4

IV. Danger of a Wrong Walk

-verses 5-7

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


My prayer to the Lord is that each and every one of you have a blessed and safe holiday. May the Lord bless you...may he keep you...may he make his face to shine upon you...may he be gracious unto you...may he lift his countenance upon you...may he give you peace...and let this peace be with you until we all meet again.

Monday, July 2, 2007

How To Survive Conflict

We continued our series on the Book of Ephesians entitled The Church: The United Body of Christ, as we concluded chapter 4 with verses 25-32. Throughout churches in this day and age, conflict will arise all the time. Conflict comes, as James tells us in the book named after him, that conflict comes from two parties with different views, clashing one with another. This will cause conflict to come to church, which will cause a great divide amoung the people. Paul says that this conflict can be survived by our attitude and response to the conflict in church.

Thesis: it is our attitude during conflict that will determine whether we survive conflict or not.

I. Speak the Truth in Love

-verse 25

II. Express Anger Appropriately

-verses 26-28

III. Watch Your Words

-verses 29-30

IV. Put Away The Past

-verses 31-32