Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Penny!!!!!

Today, my wonderful wife celebrated her birthday, and I am grateful that the Lord has allowed us to be not only partners in life, but also in ministry. Marriage is not an easy way, nor is it something that should be taken for granted, and I will be the first to admit, that our journey together has not been easy, but what I am thankful for mostly is that God has done whatever he needed to do to keep us together. The vows that were taken on June 17, 2000, said that marriages ought to stay together through good times and bad times, and I have tried my best to give her good times, but sometimes those bad times creep back in. But I am grateful that she is a true Woman of God who prays for her husband and asks the Lord to keep me when the enemy tries to ensnare me. So Happy Birthday Baby!!!! Love You Much!!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Vacation Bible School

We began our nightly VBS for adults on tonight and runs through friday, and the turnout was very encouraging with the promise that it will get better and better. The book that we are studying this week is entitled The Power of One Another, which suggests that building better relationships in your church will foster a growing church. The first lesson tonight dealt with Romans 12:9-10 entitled Love One Another. The Lord blessed tonight and I am anticipating him meeting us there every night this week, to the praise of his glory.

Quick Series on Jonah

The Lord led me to halt our exposition on the Book of Ephesians because at the point our church is at right now, there were some more pressing needs that the church had to have. For we are at a serious point in the life of this ministry, and the next decision that we make will determine whether or not we walk into our destiny that the Lord has designed for us.

Jonah's story is something that I believe needs to be dealt with at our church, as here is a man who is dealing with his reluctance to follow the call of God, and his reluctance to forgive his enemies. And the truth of the matter is that's where we are as a ministry. We need to focus on going where the Lord has told us to go. This is a two-part series, for if I was going to deal with Jonah's disobedience from God in chapter 1, then I need to deal with some good news in chapter 2.

Title: The Danger of Running Away From God
Text: Jonah 1:-17

Thesis: running from God will cause you to take a trip that is destined to destroy your life.

I. Downward Trip

II. Costly Trip - v. 3

III. Foolish Trip - v. 3

IV. Dangerous Trip - v. 4-17