Monday, March 31, 2008

Exposition of Psalms 10

I have found that the Sunday after Resurrection Sunday is usually an interesting day, as you see which one of the "visitors" who came on Resurrection Sunday because their mother or grandmother pleaded them to come with them, really felt a strong desire to receive the life-changing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ enough to come back again.

It was because of that very reason that I believe that the Lord led me to do an exhaustive exposition on Psalms 10:1-18, which is a text that deals with David's issue with the Lord's apparent absence from his life that is filled with the wicked's attempt to wreak havoc over his life.

And the truth of the matter is that many of us have to deal with wicked people time and time again, making life as difficult for the people of God as they can. The text talks to the fact that wicked people have a problem with pride, and in that pride they purposely and with premeditation lie in wait to pounce on the poor.

The good news to the story is that no matter how hard the wicked may try to stomp out the life-force of the poor, keep the poor in prone positions, attempt to kill the joy of the people of God, verse 18 lets us know that God can and He will bring their reign of terror to an end. So if you wondered like I have how the wicked to do all manner of evil in this world and seemingly get away with it, be rest assured, that God will bring their wickedness to a hell-bound conclusion. Praise Be To God!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Palm Sunday

On yesterday, the Christian Church began the celebration of the greatest week in the history of humanity, the week in which our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ rode into Jerusalem on Sunday, was crucified and buried on Friday, but rose triumphantly on Easter Sunday Morning with all power in his hands. So this past Lord's Day, the church began the celebration of the events that eventually led up to God's salvivic plan for our lives took place. In light of this celebration, the Lord allowed us to preach an exposition on what is known as the Triumphant entry of Jesus housed in our Lord's Gospel According to Matthew 21:1-11 which I entitled The King is Here!

I introduced this message with an illustration about the 2001 motion picture starring Will Smith and Jamie Foxx on the man who I consider to be the greatest boxer of all-time, Muhammad Ali. It chronicles the story of Ali from his days as an amateur olympian, up to the historic battle with Big George Foreman in Zaire, Africa. Ali walked into Foreman's training camp with little boys playing the drums yelling the king is here. Well I know an even greater King who can do things that Ali could never do. Ali could beat Foreman in Africa, but my King can beat cancer. Ali could beat Joe Frazier in the Thrilla in Manilla, but my King can defeat demons that come into a man in the cemetary. Ali can go 15 rounds with Leon Spinks, but my King can go into an AIDS hospital and with one wave of his hand can heal all manner of diseases. He is our great King of Kings. Here is the sermon outline:

Thesis: the coming of the glorious King into the lives of his children, will cause us to respond triumphantly to who He is

I. Respond With Respect

-verse 6

a. respect Him for his courage
b. respect Him for his claim
c. respect Him for his charm

II. Respond With Reception

-verse 8

a. receive Him by our submission
b. receive Him by our support

III. Respond With Reverence

-verse 9

Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Devante James Mann

Today is one of the proudest moments of my life, as our youngest son, D.J. has entered into the world of teenaged living. Both Penny and I are very happy to have a son like him. Be good son and have a great day. Love You Much!

P.S. D.J. is the one in the picture looking over our shoulder (smile).

2nd Pastoral Anniversary Celebration

This past week, we celebrated 2 years as Pastor of the First Mount Zion Baptist Church, and the Lord really blessed us. We began the week of celebration on Tuesday, as we had First Lady's Appreciation Night, as Pastor Tracey Brown & Ruth Fellowship Ministries of Plainfield, NJ came and she blessed Penny and myself tremendously. The rest of the week we had some of my real good friends in the ministry: Pastor Rudy V. Carlton & Jehovah Jireh Praise & Worship Center, Pastor John T. Teabout & Greater Friendship Baptist Church and Pastor Eddie Spencer & First Baptist Church, Nutley. On yesterday my good friend and brother Pastor Vincent M. Rouse & Pleasant Grove Baptist Church came in and really blessed me with the Word of God.

This occasion has caused me to do a serious reflection on my time here as Pastor of FMZ, and what I have discovered was that my tenure here has been nothing short than a roller coaster ride. It has been both bitter and sweet, filled with good times and bad times, littered with its share of smiles and plenty of tears. But through it all, there is no place I would rather be because this is my assignment from the Lord, and he could have chosen anybody else to fulfill this assignment, but I am so glad that he indeed chose me.

I am thankful for a godly, praying and anointed wife to share this responsibility with. For there have been many evenings where I came home beat down by the issues of the church and by many of the people, and if I didn't have her in my life, I may have done or said something crazy. But I believe the Lord placed her in my life and ministry for that purpose and I love her and am eternally grateful for her.

There are many of my members who really make my time at FMZ enjoyable, and they are too many to name, but I want them to know that there Pastor loves them very much. We are presently in a transition, where we are in the process of closing on the sale of our present church and readying ourselves to march into our new location. This transition has caused our church to be in a state of pause or neutral, but we are getting close to our breakthrough, if we continue our faith in the promises of God.