Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Frustrated With America

My fellow bloggers, I have agonized over and over again for the last few weeks about providing my thoughts and convictions about what is going on with our country since August. The main reason why I have been so hesitant to write this post was how much politics polarized this blog family during last year's election, but I believe that we are all mature enough and we should be Christian enough to talk about what goes on in the secular world because it has effects on our spiritual world.

As a black Christian man in America, I am thoroughly appalled by the venom that has and still is being spewed by Republicans, especially those who saw they are Christians. To hear a Steven Anderson, Pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church of Phoenix, AZ, stand up in his pulpit and declare that God has told him that since God hates President Obama, then he wants everyone of his members to hate President Obama.

He further stated that he prays every day and every night that President Obama would attract cancer and die! What kind of pastor would say something so openly racist and ungodly to impressionable members, many of new are probably new converts to Christ, and still call himself an ambassador of Jesus Christ? The problem that I have is with pastors who know how sinful this kind of vitriol is, sit silent and refuse to rebuke this type of sinful talk.

His argument and others like his, is the President's views on abortion, and for the record, I am against abortion, however I do believe that this is the choice of a woman's to make and not the government. She will have to answer to the Lord for her decisions just like any other sin she may commit. If their objection to his view on abortion is that scripture tells us that God considers killing to be a sin, then isn't it killing and a sin when racist Christians kill innocent Christian black men/women/children? And isn't it the job of pastors to call sin out wherever sin is present?

Where in scripture does it say that it is okay for one group of people to discriminate against another group of people because of their ethnicity or their race? CALL ALL SIN WHAT IT IS, SIN!

One of the conflicts I am faced with is that many of these pastors who are talking about abortion are people who's thoughts on scripture have helped to shape my personal preaching, yet while they are not openly doing what Steve Anderson is doing, they surely are not talking against what he is doing on their broadcasts.

Please remember, President Obama is not a muslim, nor is he anti-Christian, but he took the same walk down an aisle that we all did, and he is a child of the same God that we serve!


Pastor Rev. Ray E. Owens said...

AMEN, PASTOR LANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fitts said...

Pastor Mann,

I do not agree with the insane comments of that anderson guy, but you have to understand that the attacks against President Obama come with the territory.
Every president has had their share. You should not expect anything different when it comes to a black president.

This just further confirms that we live in a fallen world, with some very evil people, who will not change until they come into a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

I am a black man who has an alegiance to God first, & I get a lot of flap from people because I am not pro Obama. I just keep it push'n.

I pray for Obama on a regular. I pray that God would protect him & his family,and give him wisdom to make the right decisions.

Races remarks are bad, not just when they are aimed at blacks, but they are bad period.

I appreciate your passion.


Clinton Smith said...

Amen, pastor! Great post! There are a lot of us, who moonwalk on touch issue for the sake of saving face before our peers. However, our job is to call it what God calls it and let Him take care of the rest.

Always in my prayers!

Rev. Barney said...

I remember My dear Savior say, "everyone that says Lord Lord will not inherit the kingdom of God." If we remember that we live in a sick world with sick men who claimed to be children of God it will keep us from losing our mind.

Yes we have a right to be angry over such comments, but we must remember that God will seperate the wheat from the tare. No matter how loud they cry, we must cry louder.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lance great post and I feel your angst. Though I am not a Obama supporter I do respect him and pray for him as the President of our country. It has been amazing to see the insipid and insidious hatred aimed at him over the past several weeks. It just goes to show that having a black man as President is really forcing a lot of racist americans to have to show their hand.
I think his chances for re-election are nill to none not only because of his ultral liberal policies but because america to some degree is still a very racist country.
As far as Obama claiming to be a Christian only God really knows and none of us have a right to judge his heart. But his words and actions are to be judged in light of the scriptures.

May God grant him wisdom,conviction, discernment, peace and protection as he carries out his duties as our Chief Commander and President.

Vietta P's two cents said...

Bravo, Pastor Lance. Although, he is not an Obama supporter I also agree with Pastor Fitts. I hope and pray that you find some solace during our periodic national racist masquerade unveiling, (lol), which is no suprise to any of us. We knew how hard it would be for Obama among all shades of people, genders, and religions.

Those of us around 60+ years of age that grew up during the civil rights era are very conditioned (not comfortable)and immuned (not easily shakened)to hear or see the behavior of those who still harbor racist feelings, with a racist agenda. Thank God for leaders who had to battle injustice before Obama, that paved an even wider road while facing far more hostility than Obama could ever imagine. There were no laws enforced or legislated to protect them. We WATCHED this EVERYDAY in black and white. The beatings, hoses, dogs, shouting and spitting was a horrible reality. But, did it stop them? Did it enrage us? You know the answer to these questions. You also know the outcome of their persistance, prayers, and promises. I believe Obama pushes the reverse button to hear the words that came from our leaders back in the day over and over in his mind when he start each working day.

Not only do I think we need to live according to the word of God, but occasionally glimpse back into our history that has brought us to this juncture in life. Believing that the same God that was with our people then, is the SAME God that is keeping Obama today.

I'm glad that with all the negative press we hear daily about our President, Obama is still keeping his eyes on the prize. He has not wavered, stuttered, or backed down. Let them talk. The proof of his success will be in the pudding when all americans are secured with decent health care, our troops are back home again, etc.

I have seen the hand of God through this WHOLE process. I've noticed that it was nobody but God that ordered Obama's steps, to whom he was concieved, his ethnicity, his African last name, his education, and even the wife (of slavery decent) God prepared for him. I also saw the hand of God throughout the entire campaign and election.

The whole world knew what Obama was going to have to fight for and against. I just pray for him and his family's protection. All this comes with the territory. Obama has seen and heard all this before on all roads and levels of his journey towards the Presidency. He can handle it.

I have no confidence in man, I put my trust completely in the hand of the Lord. I believe that Obama has the same confidence as a Christian. I sense he is a praying man. God bless America and the President of the United States. Be blessed Pastor.

p.s. I believe abortion is a sin. I can't imagine terminating a child of mine. Yet, I am Pro-choice. Every woman should have the right to choose within their own personal circumstances. Pops? He's Pro-Life.

Love you,
Momma V